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Legalization Document(s)


Legalization is a certification that a signature, a seal and duties of the undersigned individual on a document are genuine. Legalization is necessary to allow documents issued in one country to be accepted and used by institutions of other countries.This service is provided by the Embassy of Indonesia for those who need to legalize Norwegian/Icelandic documents to be used in Indonesia.

Legalization is provided by the Embassy of Indonesia for those who need to legalize Norwegian/Icelandic or foreign documents to be used in Indonesia.


  1. Submit the original documents authenticated by the Norwegian/Icelandic Notary Public and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo/the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iceland in Reykjavik. Please note that the documents must have been legalized by both, Notary Public and MFA Oslo/MFA Reykjavik before submitting at the Embassy
  2. Receipt of transfer payment for legalization’s fee
    The fee is NOK.1.070,- for business document and NOK.215,- for non-business document. The payment must be paid by bank transfer to the Embassy account number: 7058 05 55568 (IBAN No. NO05 7058 0555 568; BIC DNBANOKKXXX). The fee cannot be paid by cash or credit card. Additional fees may apply, if the payment for visa made from outside Norway. The additional fee is Kr.50,-, as the reason that banks will collect payment for the service from sender as well as from the recipient

Please Note:

  • Document which contains two pages or more should be tightly banded with Notary Public seal.
  • If the document is for private purposes, your valid passport is required.
  • Application can be submitted in person, by mail or through a courier.
  • Application by mail should enclose enough stamps or any other service that the applicant deems safe.
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