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President Restresses Importance of Political Stability

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reminded the nation of the importance of stable political conditions to ensure economic growth to increase the people`s welfare.

“To improve welfare the economy must be developed well, and to make the business sector including the real sector develop, domestic conditions must be safe and peaceful, political conditions stable and social cohesion good. God willing (with the conditions) economy will grow,” he said at a function in observance of the Chinese festival of Cap Go Meh or the 15th day after the Lunar New Year here Wednesday.

When opening a cabinet meeting last week the President had also reiterated the importance of political stability to achieve high economic growth.

If no crisis happened, the country`s economic growth could even reach 7.0 percent in 2014, he said.

The event was also attended by Vice President Boediono.

President Yudhoyono on the occasion also called on the people to continue building unity while developing friendship and cooperation with other nations in the world.

In the current globalization era, he said, Indonesia had to cooperate with other countries in the world with regard to solving various global problems such as climate change and promoting peace.

For better developemnt of Indonesia, the President said, people should stop discrimination based upon ethnicity, race or religion.

“I ask all people regardless of their identities to jointly build the country with deep passion for future advancement, respect and welfare,” he said.

In line with the progress in democracy he hoped no discrimination would never happen again on anybody in the country.

On the occasion the President expressed appreciation to ethnic Chinese in the country that have always contributed since the counry was founded and fought in the development era.

Source: Antara