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Indonesian Coffee Festival, Bali, 17-19 October 2014

• Indonesian Coffee Festival is an annual event intended to introduce Indonesia’s special coffee, which is widely known as one of the world’s best.

• It all started with ‘The Road To The Indonesian Coffee Festival’ in Bandung on December 23rd, 2011, followed by the First Indonesian Coffee Festival in Ubud, Bali in 2012 and last year in Yogyakarta.

• ICF have succeeded in gathering all of the integral elements, from the coffee farmers, entrepreneurs, consumers, to related governmental institution such as the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, as well as unions and Small and Medium Enterprises. This shows that ICF is a well-accounted event.

• ICF 2014 will remain uplifting regarding its vision and commitments towards local coffee, with the ultimate goal of instilling a greater understanding of Indonesia’s high quality coffee within locals and international coffee-loving society as well, which n the longer term may influence he future of Indonesian coffee itself.

• This year, ICF 2014 will be held in Prama Sanur Beach Hotel, Bali, on 17-19 October 2014.

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