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Indonesia – Norway

a. Brief History of Bilateral Relations

Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia and Norway were established on January 1951. From 1962-1981 Indonesia representative for Norway have to joined with Indonesian Embassy Copenhagen, Denmark and in 17 September 1981 Indonesian Embassy for Norway officially established in Oslo.

b. Political Cooperation
Strong relations between Indonesia and Norway showed when Indonesian President visited Norway on 12-14 September 2006 and PM Norway returned the favor by visiting Indonesia on 28-30 March 2007.
On 26-28 May 2010 Indonesian President went to Norway to be Co-Chair along with Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg on Oslo Climate and Forest Conference 2010. Norway Foreign Affair Minister visited Indonesia on 6-8 November 2010, and together with Indonesian Foreign Affair Minister signing Joint Declaration on Cooperation Towards a Dynamic Partnership in the 21st Century which focusing on cooperation between two countries focusing on human rights, environment, forestry, energy, marine and fishery.

c. Economy, Trade and Investment Cooperation
Economy cooperation between Indonesia and Norway is particularly prominent in energy, marine and fishery . In 1995, Indonesia and Norway creates bilateral energy consultation forum. Energy consultation 2011 will be held in Yogyakarta, 6-7 October 2011. While in marine and fishery, Indonesia and Norway have been cooperating especially in the capacity development and aquaculture with total grant NOK 5.200.000, to finances multi projects from 2009-2012.
The total value of Indonesia-Norway trade increases in year-to-year and in 2010 reached USD 353,79 million. Indonesia’s export commodities includes clothing, footwear, furniture, communication devices, optical device, andspices. Norway has invested in fisheries, the paper industry, basic chemical industry, basic metal industry, construction, trade & repair, transport, storage and communications, real estate in Indonesia.

d. Socio-Culture and Education Cooperation
Socio-Culture cooperation between Indonesia and Norway has implemented through the Global Inter-Media Dialogue (GIMD) sponsored by the two countries. GMD I was held in Bali, from 1-2 September 2006 ; GIMD II in Oslo, 4-5 June 2007; and GIMD III di Bali, 7-8 May 2008. After GIMD III, journalists and mass media were encouraged to determine the next step. For education, there is one semester ( 14 weeks) pre university program, student will be