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Borobudur International Hash House Harriers 2012 Kicks Off

On Friday evening, 25 May 2012, the long anticipated international cross country running event, the Borobudur International Hash House Harriers (Interhash) 2012 was officially kicked off by Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy at the courtyard of the Prambanan Temple in Central Java. Combining sports and amusement, the event features a non-competitive trail tracking run through some beautiful landscape around the Prambanan and Borobudur temples.

Entering its 18th edition, the Interharsh run is a biennial event that is held from country to country since 1978. This year, Indonesia has again been chosen as venue after last year’s Interhash success in Bali. Proud to dub itself as “the World’s First Heritage Interhash”, the magnificent Borobudur Temple was chosen as center of the event.

While the Interhash community has members in more than 90 countries, the total number of participants this year reached 4,800 coming from 45 countries. Malaysia contributed largest number of participants totaling 1,300, followed by Australia with 287 and the United States of America with 150 participants. These so called “hashers” will take on the 4 division of routes, which are: Short (4-6 Km), Medium (6-8 Km), Long (8-12 Km), and Superlong (12-30 Km). The routes will take hashers on a spectacular journey through the lush terrain of Central Java, crossing rivers and ricefields, tourist villages and small traditional industries.

Interhash 2012 features 17 routes, 15 in the regency of Magelang and 2 within the city of Yogyakarta. The starting points for the 15 routes in Magelang include : Kaponan, Kintelan, Pakis, Banyutoro, Kete, Wonolelo, Magelang City, Tuksongo, Kembang Limus, Lapang Tembak Plempungan, Banyak Angkrem, Krasak (Salaman), Tempuran Super Long (Menoreh Mountain), and Magelang Old Fast Run. The routes in Yogyakarta include the Vulcanology Museum and the Watchtower of Sleman.

President of Indonesia, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono, along with First Lady Ani Yudhoyono also ran in the hash run on Saturday, 26th May 2012 accompanied by the Governor of Central Java, Bibit Waluyo and other government officials. The presidential group took on the 4.25 hash route at the foot of Menoreh Mountain that was personally selected by the President himself. With starting line at the Tuk Songo Field at Borobudur, the President and 300 other hashers crossed the Kiyudan area, the Majaksingi Village at the foot of Menoreh Mountain, down to Kesuman, Dusun Puton, the Menoreh Ricefields area, and then back to the Tuk Songo Field at Borobudur.

Source : indonesia Travel (27.05.12)