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Indonesia – Norway

a. Brief History of Bilateral Relations Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia and Norway were established on January 1951. From 1962-1981 Indonesia representative for Norway have to joined with Indonesian Embassy Copenhagen, Denmark and in 17 September 1981 Indonesian Embassy for Norway officially established in Oslo. b. Political Cooperation Strong relations between Indonesia and Norway showed when Indonesian President visited Norway on ... Read More »

Indonesia – Iceland

A. THE BILATERAL RELATIONS IN BRIEF Diplomatic relations between these two countries have been established since the signing of the Joint Declaration Concerning the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Government of Indonesia (represented by the Indonesian Ambassador to Norway, Usodo Notodirdjo) and the Government of Iceland (represented by to Icelandic Ambassador to Norway, Pall Asgeir Tryggvason), in Oslo on ... Read More »


The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising 17,504 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches, many still uninhabited and a number even still unnamed. Straddling the equator, situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, it is as wide as the United States from ... Read More »


Bahasa Indonesia is the national and official language in the entire country. It is the language of official communication, taught in schools and spoken on television. Most Indonesians today speak at least two languages or more, Bahasa Indonesia and their local language, of which Indonesia counts more than 300 regional languages. Bahasa Indonesia is based on the high Malay language ... Read More »

People and Culture

Living on more than 17,000 islands, the Indonesian nation today counts some 200 million population comprising more than 200 ethnic groups. After Independence in 1945 inter-marriages among people of different ethnic groups have welded the population into a more cohesive Indonesian nation. The majority of the population embraces Islam, while in Bali the Hindu religion is predominant. Whereas in areas ... Read More »


Being a tropical country, Indonesia is blessed with two seasons, namely dry and rainy. Dry usually occurs from June to September and the rest is rainy season. Sunshine is abundant except in rainy season when the sky tends to be cloudy. It is advisable to visit Indonesia during dry season. Indonesia’s climate can be hot and humid, so bringing along ... Read More »

Flora and Fauna

Indonesia’s moderate climate throughout the year, its fertile soil brought about by lava, and its minerals found on land and in the sea caused by volcanic eruptions, have made this the ideal habitat for a large number of unique and endemic flora and fauna. Indonesia has among the most diverse variety of species of animal life on land and in ... Read More »


Ever since prehistoric times the Indonesian archipelago has been inhabited. Java Man or pithecanthropus erectus (upright apeman) is the oldest known inhabitant here, having lived over a million years ago. Other more recent prehistoric species include the still disputed homo Floresiensis, or the Flores hobbits, dwarf people, who have also made these islands their home. Historically, Chinese chronicles mention that ... Read More »

Application for Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship 2014 is now opened!!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has been conducting the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) since 2003, to increase cultural cooperation and promotion and in particular to establish Friends of Indonesia abroad. Up to 2013, the program has been followed by 518 alumni from 55 different countries. The program serves to demonstrate Indonesia’s commitment in ... Read More »